2022 ASHRAE Student Competition – Free File Download

The following "typical year" weather file for Sydney Australia was developed by White Box Technologies, Inc. with the same methodology as used for the ASHRAE IWEC2 weather files, but with the period of record updated to 2004-2018 and the solar radiation derived from satellite observations by the Australian Bureau of Meterology (BOM). Individual IWEC2 weather files are available online from White Box Technologies, Inc. in various formats (BINM for DOE-2, EPW for EnergyPlus, etc.), as well as country sets or even the entire IWEC2 collection of 3,012 locations. The website also hosts other popular "typical year" weather sets such as the TMY3, CWEC, CZ2010, and ISHRAE, as well as historical weather files f or over 10,000 locations starting in 2001. Please click on http://weather.whiteboxtechnologies.com for details.

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